Business Litigation

Edwards Law handles business, commercial, and corporate disputes as well as personal injury claims.

We represent businesses and corporations of all sizes on a wide range of corporate, partnership, and business litigation including:

  • IPO pricing disputes
  • Commercial real estate disputes, including lease extension or enforcement claims
  • Intellectual property issues from trade secrets to licensing agreements
  • Breach of contract claims involving vendors, customers, or joint venturers
  • Shareholder, partnership, and management disputes on organizational matters ranging from corporate governance to dissolution
  • Business succession litigation on the death or withdrawal of a principal shareholder or partner
  • Fraud, misrepresentation, or nondisclosure claims
  • Enforcement of noncompete, nondisclosure, or non solicitation agreements
  • Insurance disputes
  • Privacy litigation

Jeff regularly handles breach of contract and non-payment claims for several Austin companies. He is also regularly asked to represent CEOs and owners of companies and partnerships in financial actions, coverage disputes, and securities matters.

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